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Athos/Mylady Wallpaper

I've made a "The three musketeers" wallpaper and I hope you like it.

Featuring Pia Douwes and Marc Clear

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Rebecca und Elisabeth Icons

[32] Rebecca (das musical)
[08] Elisabeth (das musical)
[08] The Light in the Piazza
[08] Wicked


here at satinpetticoat

9 icons

9 Pia Douwes Icons
as herself, Velma Kelly and Milady de Winter


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19 Elisabeth icons...

...6 featuring Pia as Elisabeth. Two from Essen, three from Berlin and one from the Netherlands production. Enjoy!

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(The other Pia icons, plus all the rest can be found here at my icon community.)


Edited (6-9-08) because apparently I can't count to 6. I'd originally listed 5 icons featuring Pia. :p

Elisabeth Berlin schedule

Dose anyone know which day's Pia performs which are covered by Annemieke van Dam,  and also when her last performce will be? I've read conflicting dates of when she leaves and I hope to catch her when I go sometime either in July or August.
If anyone has any information I'd be more than grateful

Ahh New Pia Fan Here!

Hello, I've discovered her through the Original Vienna Cast Recording of Elisabeth and I love that recording so so much!

This woman has a lovely voice and I wonder if she has done any other shows besides Elisabeth because I really do love her!

Pia icons!

Hello all...I've made some icons of Pia that I'd like to share. :)

There's 18 in the first post, but most of them are different variations of the same few pictures.


(The rest are here in my icon journal.)

There are also a few icons featuring Pia as Elisabeth in this entry.

Please comment/credit if taking/using any. Thanks! :)

Aug. 12th, 2007

| 01-23 Elisabeth
| 24-51 Harry Potter
| 52-68 The Golden Compass
| 69-85 The Phantom of the Opera (stage)
| 86-105 thesmallstakes images
| 106-132 Les Mis (misc. and Thun production)

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Ici at aeschylean.
For those of you that use facebook, I created a Pia group on there: